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LGSVL Simulator Content Site FAQ

The LGSVL Simulator Content site provides content published by LG as well as third parties for LGSVL Simulator. This is a convenient place for the LG team as well as contributors to place content and assets which are necessary or useful for using LGSVL Simulator for autonomous vehicle system development. You can use this site to download and retrieve the URLs of any and all available asset bundles and content for use with LGSVL Simulator.

What do you mean by “Content”?

  • LGSVL Simulator content refers to 3D environments in the form of asset bundles for supported platforms, annotated HD maps in various formats for the 3D environments, and vehicle model asset bundles. These files are needed in order to add new environments and vehicles to simulations for testing autonomous driving systems.

What can I do with LGSVL Simulator content?

  • LGSVL Simulator content can be downloaded directly from inside LGSVL Simulator or on the LGSVL Simulator Content site. Inside the simulator, you can provide the URL of an asset bundle (e.g. map or vehicle). URLs for default asset bundles are provided on the Content site. TODO

How can I be notified of new content available for LGSVL Simulator?

  • The best way to stay up to date on the latest offerings for LGSVL Simulator, including maps, vehicles, and sensors, is to sign up for our mailing list.

Are there more instructions for downloading and running the correct asset bundles, maps, vehicles, and sensor configuration files?

  • You can find detailed documentation on using content downloaded from this site here.

How can I provide feedback or submit bugs about the LGSVL Simulator Content site?

  • The best way to provide feedback, file a bug, and start a discussion about simulator features is to create a Github issue on the LGSVL Simulator Github repository. You can also email us anytime at contact@lgsvlsimulator.com.

How can I create and publish my own content (maps, vehicles, sensor models, bridge interfaces)?

  • Currently, once you have built asset bundles for LGSVL Simulator, you can upload them to a public place online and provide the URL for other people to use. If you would like to have your content published on the LGSVL Simulator Content site, please contact us. In the future, you will be able to easily publish your asset bundles or content directly to the Content site.

How can I contact the publisher of certain content?

  • Please email us at contact@lgsvlsimulator to inquire about contacting the publisher of particular content, and we can connect you.

Under what license(s) is content distributed?

  • Anyone who downloads content from the LGSVL Simulator Content site must agree to our Terms of Use as well as our Privacy Policy. Content that is distributed by LG Electronics (default maps, vehicles, etc.) is subject to the terms of our License. Third-party content not created or published by LG Electronics may be subject to different licenses. Please be sure to check accompanying licenses or terms when downloading and using third-party content listed on our site.

Is all content for LGSVL Simulator free?

  • Currently, all content provided on this site for use with LGSVL Simulator is free.